Long Workshops go from Oct to May (I count 30 weeks for flexibility). Short workshops may last 1 or more months, depending on what is agreed.


Levels are fluid, therefore hard to establish. And this is mostly irrelevant. That is why the advanced workshop can be followed by B2s, C1s or C2s, depending on their passion and willingness to learn!


The Workshop eCampus is where everybody can gather for sharing work, mutual support and project work! It's optional but recommended


Why Advanced (B2+ - C2)?

There is a great need among people with upper intermediate and advanced levels in Spain (B2 and C1) to learn to relate to the language in more natural ways, which allow them to use the language effectively, with no stress, and keep learning (precisely for the reasons I mention in "Do you train for exams?"). I am a lifelong learner of English and Spanish myself, and know that if you don't live in the country where a language you wish to master is spoken, you need to do something to use the language for yourself, as part of your rich and interesting inner and social life! ;)

Will you offer workshops for Elementary - Intermediate (A2-B1)?

(April 2022) People are asking me to create a workshop for Básico so people in different kinds of jobs in the area can improve their listening and speaking skills mostly. Go to BLOG here and read about this, and feel free to post your ideas and pre-register in Sign UP! so I can see if there are enough people to create two groups.
* Abril 2022. La gente me está pidiendo que cree un taller para Básico con el fin de que las personas de diferentes empleos puedan mejorar sus destrezas auditiva y oral sobre todo. Ir a BLOG aquí y leer lo que voy posteando al respecto, y podéis postear vuestras ideas. Ir a SIGN UP para apuntaros si os interesa, y así veo si se pueden crear dos grupos.

I am working on a video-audio online course for Básico (Elementary + Pre-intermediate), so people can stop starting from scratch just because 8 years of learning did not include listening and speaking and they've forgotten "all the grammar". But I'm recovering from 25 years in public education, hahaha, and I'm taking it easy! I'll keep you all posted!

Do you train for exams?

My methodology is a wonderful option for true learning, and considering I developed it in the framework of the educational system (public/state-run education) I did so taking into account people would be facing "Exams" in that setting of "Exam Culture". I was always critical of ExamCculture and developed evaluation instruments to offer feedback on progress and level which did not include subjecting people to the pressure and panic of exams -- true curiosity-killers, and so much against developing lifelong-learning, which is what actually makes us competent, not level certificates!. The results my students achieved in terms of passing to the next learning year, or getting their Certificates were always above the average. No wonder: if people are happy and relaxed -- and this was my "battle" as a teacher, to teach them to learn in that way -- they learn more and learning lasts longer because it's not something alien and hateful, but part of everyday lives!

Do we "have to"...?

Do we have to read all of the books in the Learning Year Workshop? No, of course. You don't even have to finish the ones you choose. But you need to work on your English AND very importantly, commit to sharing your work with the group, whether that is around a few chapters or the whole book. In any case, don't let this concern put you off. Come to the workshop if you're interested and you'll see how everything is easier than you would have ever expected!